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Smart Home Solar Energy

Far more than solar panels, our smart home energy solution seamlessly integrates solar power, battery storage, and powerful energy management software that tracks your production and consumption. An all-in-one solar energy system that maximizes your savings while you're busy living your life.

We install only the highest quality products with an emphasis on aesthetics and your home's curb appeal. Own your system with no upfront costs and start saving on day one.

Call today for a no cost, no obligation proposal showing your savings and why investing in your own electric power system makes financial sense besides saving the planet.





Smart Energy Solutions

Smart Home Energy Monitor
About Us

RBS Solar is a provider of renewable energy systems located in Los Angeles, CA.  We perform energy analysis, solar design, installation and help our clients obtain financing for both residential and commercial solar energy projects.


RBS was founded by Robert Scibelli following a successful career as an engineer, founder of a firm developing software for Civil engineers, and a senior executive for Sun Microsystems.

RBS Solar Installer

What Our Customers are Saying

"Compared to my conversations and interactions with the large solar companies, RBS Solar proved to be much better in their communications and explanation of the entire process. Once the process got going it was great to be able to depend on their local service and deal with someone just miles away vs a call center halfway across the country."  

                                                                                            L. Walker, Hollywood


"Bob and his team were extremely efficient, responsive and answered all of our questions as novices in solar energy production.  The financing was easy and RBS Solar walked us through each step, making the process much less intimidating.  Moreover, the installation happened quickly, allowing us to begin saving money on our utility bill that much sooner"

                                                                                             M. Cohen, Studio City


"From the buying process, to site surveys, to building permits, to installation the service was outstanding!  They worked around my schedule and explained every aspect of the process in detail. There were no surprises or hidden costs."

                                                                                               J. Vasquez, Ventura

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