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Smarter Energy for a Better Life!

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Smarter Energy for a Better Life

The Smarter Way to Power your Home

Welcome to solar 2.0! Like other electronics, solar PV has evolved to become far more than just solar panels. Our smart home energy solution seamlessly integrates solar power, battery storage and powerful energy management software to maximize your savings and take a giant step toward energy independence. Smarter energy for a better life!

Save Money

Generate your own energy at one forth the cost of your utility with no upfront costs!  Historically, electric rates double every fifteen years. When you install a solar energy system you fix your cost for thirty to forty years. 

Smart Investment

An investment in a solar energy system will outperform the stock market, real estate and long term CD's with no risk.  Typical installations return double digit returns on investment.

Home Value

A solar energy system will increase the value of your home without increasing your property taxes.


By lowering your dependence on utility power you lower your carbon footprint protecting the planet for future generations

How Does it Work?

But it's Expensive . . . Right?

Wrong! . . . The cost of solar panels has fallen 50 percent since 2008, while utility rates have gone up.  The cost of a typical home system, after all rebates, is about $10,000 and will earn about $1,500 per year (tax free) yielding the equivalent of a 20 percent return on investment.

So don't delay.  Let RBS Solar provide you with a quote that will turn your rooftop into an electric power plant.  We will analysis your electric usage, recommend a system and provide you with a complete financial analysis so you can decide if investing in clean, renewable energy makes sense for you.




RBS Solar uses Enphase microinverters, coupled with high quality panels from trusted brands like LG and Panasonic, energy management software and optional battery storage to get the absolute best performance out of your home energy solution. A fully integrated smart home energy solution.


  • Lower Electric Bills

  • Faster Return on Investment

  • Increased Safety and Flexibility

  • No unsightly, noisy string Inverter on your House

  • Free Monitoring System Accessible from any Internet Connection

  • 25 Year Warranty for both Panels and Inverter

  • Optional Battery Storage







The RBS/Enphase Home Energy Solution

RBS Solar Energy Contractor