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RBS Solar Commercial solar installer los angeles

Solar with Business Smarts

Make Clean Energy your Business Advantage

Going solar is an exciting leap to a new level of energy efficiency, independence and conservation. Use the wasted space on your roof to greatly reduce your operating costs.

Reduce Operating Costs

Electric rate schedules are complex.  RBS Solar knows rate schedules, understands demand charges, and knows how to save you money on energy.





RBS Solar energy installer los angeles

Lock-in Energy Cost for Years to Come

If an investment doesn't pencil out then it just doesn't make sense for your business. We understand the generous rebates, tax credits, and accelerated depreciation that are available for businesses that go solar.

Protect Yourself from Energy Spikes

Electricity is a volatile commodity, sensitive to severe weather and fossil fuel shortages. With a solar installation, you are hedging a portion of your load at a stable rate for 20+ years, set at a price lower than what you pay for power now.


Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Businesses that install solar PV systems are eligible to receive a tax credit in the amount of 26% of the total PV system cost. Unlike tax deductions, this tax credit can be used to directly offset your tax liability dollar for dollar. If your tax credit exceeds your tax liability you can roll the credit into future tax periods for 20 years.

Utility Rebate

Most California utilities have discontinued rebates for solar PV systems.

Federal Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)

Under the Federal Modified Cost Reduction System (MACRS), businesses may recover investments in PV systems through depreciation deductions over a five year period. Under the new tax bill, Congress increased the bonus depreciation to 100% meaning a company can essentially deduct the entire cost of the system in the first year of operation.

State (CA) MACRS

Same as federal schedule except the depreciable basis is 100% of the solar PV system cost rather then the 87% used for the federal schedule.


One of the biggest concerns of anyone going solar is the upfront cost and/or how to finance it. With commercial solar systems, you basically have four main options:

  • Purchase with Cash or a Loan

  • Solar Lease

  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA)

  • Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

RBS Solar's in-house experts serve as your champion to help secure and negotiate the best payment or financing solution for your solar and storage projects. As an independent third-party facilitator, we can help you get the most attractive rates with fair contract terms.

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